Justin Inskeep

Justin Inskeep, Vice President, District Executive for the Olive Branch Family YMCA, explains the additions made for the Y’s Functional Fitness area during a ribbon cutting/grand opening event Friday, Jan. 3. 

The Olive Branch Family YMCA has opened a new functional fitness area at its facility, located at 8555 Goodman Road. The YMCA, part of the YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South network, recently celebrated the opening of the area and renovation of its adjacent gymnasium area by a ribbon cutting and grand opening. 

“What we have done is repurpose half of our gym,” Justin Inskeep, Vice President District Executive for the YMCA, said. “We’ve invested over $150,000 for flooring, new paint, equipment. Our goal is to grow our reach into DeSoto County and specifically Olive Branch and the surrounding areas.”

Inskeep said the area encompasses about 5,000 square feet with half of it for the fitness area and the other half for the gymnasium.

Among what YMCA members will find in the new fitness area are free weight dumbbells and barbells, free weight plate loaded equipment, an agility training zone with turf, S-Drive/S-Force machines to improve natural strength and endurance without the normal motorized system. There will also be a Connexus unit, a double rack, and row machines. Four 65-inch televisions are available for members to watch while they work out.

Operations Director James Corrigan of the Olive Branch YMCA said the area will provide “an experience of a lifetime for the wellness enthusiast or even a person who have never worked out a day in their lives.”

Corrigan said the area is called a “Functional Fitness” area because the movement will support actions that people make on a regular basis.

“Functional movements are types of exercises you do that will help you in your everyday life,” Corrigan said. “For example: A squat with an over head press. This is something that will make throwing your kids up in the pool easier, or throwing hay up in your barn.”

Corrigan said the YMCA is starting a new program to take advantage of the new Functional Fitness area, called “Impact662.” Corrigan explained Impact662 is a program done in a small group setting.

“Impact662 is designed to increase mobility, endurance, cardio, and strength using functional body movements through small group circuit training with a Coach,” said Corrigan. “This class will elevate your fitness level drastically. Not only will you be improving your fitness level, you will be meeting new friends in your classes that will motivate and encourage you to keep pushing your limits.”

Inskeep added, “What we have found is when you connect people to groups and help them on their journey and put them together, they’re more apt to stay focus on and meet their goals.”

Registration for that program is now open with a start date of Feb. 3. It will be open to both members and non-members of the YMCA.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune.