Women's Clinic at the Grove

Partners (from left) Deborah Verucchi and Jenny Frederickson lead the new women's health clinic called The Women's Clinic at the Grove. The providers offer gynecology care from adolescence through post-menopause. The clinic is located at 5740 Getwell Road, Building 1, Suite B, in Southaven.  

Women in DeSoto County facing health issues specific to their gender now have a new place they can go to for quality care with confidence and caring.

The Women’s Clinic at the Grove opened in December to offer medical services exclusively for women, including annual health exams, contraceptive counseling and management, Pap and HIV screenings, care of menstrual disorders, and more.

Deborah Verucchi and Jenny Fredrickson are partners in the clinic, located at 5740 Getwell Road, Building 1, Suite B in Southaven. They are both nurse practitioners with more than a decade of experience each in the medical field.

Verucchi looks to menopause as a major issue in women’s health today.

“In my experience, a lot of women go to see their OB-GYN physician for menopause issues,” Verucchi said. “With us devoted to just GYN issues, we can dedicate more time to manage these very bothersome menopause symptoms that women experience. We manage it, we treat it, we follow it, and we see women feeling so much better. We have more time to spend with patients with those issues.”

The opening of the clinic has been something both Fredrickson and Verucchi had thought about and when the two came together, they decided to make it a reality.

“We had dreamed about this for years,” Fredrickson said. “We looked all over DeSoto County but we kept coming back to this area right here. It’s a good centralized location,” she added about their locating along Getwell Road.

“Jenny and I have both been nurse practitioners for over 15 years in women’s health,” Verucchi added. “We’ve always worked for large groups. We are both from this area, so this is our home town. We knew there was a need in DeSoto County, because most everyone here for years had gone into Memphis until some other practices came into Southaven and this area.”

The clinic can handle most issues that do not require direct consultation by a physician, but Fredrickson said they have someone they can refer patients to, if needed.

“Dr. Thomas Pitman is our collaborating physician, so he’s a very good resource for us,” Fredrickson said.

“Jenny and I are not doctors and so we don’t deliver babies and we don’t do surgery,” Verucchi said. “The advantage of that for us is that we do gynecology only. A lot of times when women go for their check ups they have to wait a long time for their doctors because the doctor might be delivering a baby or they are called into surgery and their appointments need to be rescheduled and that sort of thing.”

Verucchi said Mississippi has the highest mortality rate for women with cervical cancer. She added that it is important for women to continue being seen by a medical clinic, such as the Women’s Clinic at the Grove on a regular basis.

“A lot of women in Mississippi, after they have had their babies, start to neglect their health,” Verucchi said. “They don’t go get their checkups anymore because they’re not having babies anymore. It’s a big need, especially here in the state of Mississippi. We have a niche in that area for being able to just do GYN and preventative health.”

For more information about the Women’s Clinic at the Grove, call 662-470-7969 or email info@wcgrove.com.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.