Medline warehouse

Medline Industries Inc., a healthcare business that manufactures and distributes medical supplies, has announced its plans to construct a new distribution center in Southaven. It will be a facility projected to be a $46 million corporate investment and bring about 450 jobs to the Southaven/Mid-South market.

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite, in making the announcement on his "Mayor's Report" from the city's official website, called the catch of the Northfield, Illinois-based global healthcare company, "a big one."

"They have purchased vacant property in Southaven between I-55 and U.S. Highway 51 just north of Star Landing Road," Musselwhite said. "They plan to build a 1.4 million square-foot facility that will distribute their products throughout the Southeastern U.S."

The company is getting incentives from the local, county and state level to facilitate the distribution center's construction.

"Our City Board of Aldermen joined me in recognizing the significance of this development and offered the infrastructure improvements needed to meet the needs of Medline," Musselwhite said. "The State of Mississippi provided essential tax incentives and co-op funding required for the Pepperchase Road extension, along with DeSoto County, to finalize the requirements of this outstanding operation."

Gov. Phil Bryant, in a release from the Mississippi Development Authority, also gave credit to the coordinated efforts made to achieve the Medline move.

“Medline’s investment in the Southaven community and the creation of hundreds of new jobs marks the beginning of a long-lasting business partnership with the state of Mississippi and a long-term commitment to the people of DeSoto County,” Gov. Phil Bryant said.

The geographic location of Southaven, workforce and quality of life were stated as reasons for the firm's plans to move. Medline has a current location on South Mendenhall in Memphis. Some of the Memphis employees will assume positions in Southaven, but the majority of the workforce will come from North Mississippi, company officials said.

“We are looking forward to being an active part of the Southaven community,“ said Dmitry Dukhan, vice president of Real Estate Operations for Medline. “It‘s an ideal location for a distribution hub for our larger Mid-South distribution territory and enables us to expand our presence as a local employer. We are grateful to all of the people and officials in Southaven, the county of DeSoto and the state of Mississippi who have recognized the potential of this project for both local residents and healthcare throughout the region.“

About 23,000 employees currently work in more than 90 countries for Medline.

“Medline’s strategic decision to locate in Mississippi demonstrates to global health care leaders that Mississippi is the place where you can achieve your goals,” said Mississippi Development Authority Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr. “We are grateful for the teamwork of the DeSoto County Economic Development Council, Mayor Darren Musselwhite and the city of Southaven, DeSoto County, and state Sen. Kevin Blackwell, which, along with MDA, was instrumental in bringing 450 new careers to the people of North Mississippi.”

MDA is providing assistance for equipment relocation and infrastructure needs, including the extensions of a potable water line and an access road. The city of Southaven and DeSoto County are providing assistance for the project, as well.

Medline projects this facility will be ready to start operations in early 2021.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.