Pierre McCombs

Drury Inn and Suites General Manager Pierre McCombs shows off one of the suite bedrooms found at the Horn Lake hotel, which recently completed three-month long renovation that included improvements inside and outside the facility, on Goodman Road West just off I-55.

Pierre McCombs, general manager of the Drury Inn and Suites, 735 Goodman Road West, off Interstate Blvd. and I-55, has been around… literally.

With a military man as a father, McCombs and his family spent his growing years at various stations. Since he started in the hotel business 10 years ago, McCombs has also been to various locales and believes the different stops have helped him develop into the hotel management person he is today.

“In the hotel business, I’ve lived in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Kentucky,” McCombs said. “With my dad in the military I’ve lived overseas in Germany, so I’ve had a good taste of hospitality all around.”

Today, McCombs calls the Mid-South his home and the recently-renovated Drury Inn and Suites his means of welcoming visitors to DeSoto County and the surrounding area.

McCombs has been the Horn Lake hotel’s general manager the past year-and-a-half, having come from a similar position at the Drury Inn at Paducah, Ky. He’s been with Drury for eight of his 10-year hotel career.

“I just enjoy meeting people and traveling,” McCombs said. “When people come and visit, they’re not only visiting Drury, they are visiting Horn Lake and Southaven and we’re creating an experience for them whenever they come in. Anybody can go to any hotel and get a room with four walls and a bed, but we like to try and create an experience throughout the city.”

This past week, McCombs and his staff welcomed the Horn Lake and Southaven Chambers of Commerce for a joint ribbon cutting event to show off the completed renovation of the 159-room hotel, a process that took three months to complete, from the suites and hotel rooms to the entire dining area, the public spaces and exterior, as well.

McCombs said it’s a project Drury plans for all of its properties every eight years.

“We want to make sure that we keep our product up-to-date, so that when guests come in they have a good product to go and stay at,” said McCombs. “We also want to make sure that when they come to the city of Horn Lake, they see that we are a part of the city. We want to make sure the city looks good, as well.”

The renovation was done with as little inconvenience as possible to the guests, as two floors of the facility were done at a time. McCombs added guests were alerted as far ahead as possible about what they would encounter during their stay.

“We tried to let them know whenever they made their reservations well in advance that we have a renovation going on,” McCombs pointed out. “We told them that these amenities will be available and these amenities won’t be available. We let them know what time we will be working, what time we will start work and what time we will end work, and when they get here we will remind them, make sure we have plenty of directions here and be sure they are well informed.”

Visitors to the Drury Inn and Suites have several amenities to enjoy when they stay in Horn Lake.

“We still offer our indoor pool and complimentary Wi-Fi,” McCombs said. “One of the biggest things we offer is a full, hot breakfast every morning. In the evening time, we do what we call a 5:30 Kickback, where we offer light hors d’oeuvres and we do food and beverages for adults and for children, as well.”

For more information about the Horn Lake Drury Inn and Suites, call the front desk at 662-349-6622.

Bob Bakken: sports@desototimestribune.com

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