Michael Hatcher and Associates

DeSoto County landscape leader Michael Hatcher and Associates has acquired Mid-South Turf and Ornamental, a Memphis-market lawn spray business.

Master Lawn, a division of Michael Hatcher & Associates (a landscape industry leader in the Memphis market) has announced the acquisition of Mid-South Turf and Ornamental, a well-known lawn spray business in the Memphis market for over 30 years. The announcement was made by Trey Ball, CFO and General Counsel of Michael Hatcher & Associates.

“By joining forces, customers of both companies will benefit from a broader range of horticultural services and technician experience. In addition, customers will benefit from expanded service lines including mosquito spray, flea and tick control, as well as holiday season lighting and decorations,” said Ball.

“We envision outstanding opportunities to further expand service lines, while also developing our continued education and training opportunities for all of our employees,” said Joey Steele, Division Manager of Master Lawn.

The alignment of culture and values is tailor-made. “The combined team and service will produce product/service offerings that propel rapid growth in all divisions of our organization: design, installation, and maintenance. We view this transition as a new beginning, but also a continuation of the legacy Mid-South Turf and Ornamental has maintained over the years, as well as the quality of customer service it represents,” said Ball.

Bud Cummings, owner of Mid-South Turf and Ornamental commented, “Hatcher & Associates uniquely checked all of the boxes for us with their commitment to the customer, industry, financial strength, and company culture. Our entire team is excited about the future, as we capitalize on the growth and opportunities ahead.”

Michael Hatcher & Associates is an employee-owned company that was founded in 1987 and currently employs over 150 people.

Michael L. Hatcher, President and CEO, continues to provide corporate vision and leadership in the organization.