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Frankie's Lawn Landscape, LLC, owner Frankie Glenn rides herd on a growing, customer-comes-first business, which is based in Hernando. 

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As we head forward into summer, DeSoto County homeowners are looking at their lawns with many expressing pride for how impressive their efforts have been in making their space neat and beautiful. 

There are others, however, who continue to wrack their minds about what they can do to “keep up with the Joneses.”

For that type of people, a service like what is offered from Frankie Glenn of Frankie’s Lawn and Landscape LLC, becomes a needed investment.

"We want to reach those people who want their yard to look good all year long," Glenn said. ”From property line to property line, we'll take care of everything between."

Glenn maintains his business from his home west of Hernando, but it’s likely you will not find him there most days in the growing season, as he and his work crews maintain the lawns of hundreds of clients, ranging from homeowner associations to individual owners, at the same time giving bids to potential new customers to his growing company, in operation since 2007.

"Our footprint is very compact,” Glenn said. “We don't leave DeSoto County, and our mission is to keep a property looking pristine. We do mowing, mulching and pruning in season, and leaf cleanup in the off-season, along with landscape design, irrigation and installation, including landscape lighting.”

Glenn had first aspired to a different career track, but found that lawn work was both enjoyable and profitable.

A Whitehaven area native who graduated from Southern Baptist Education Center, now Northpoint Christian School, in Southaven, Glenn attended Delta State University with hopes of earning a degree in graphic design and photography.

"I wanted to play baseball, but they didn't offer me enough scholarship money,” Glenn said. "I did get an offer to play in a musical group, and so I did that. It was great."

That moved Glenn into a 10-year stint with a rock group called Inner 61. Still needing to make some extra “green,” Glenn turned to making lawns more green when the career opportunity became available.

"It was something I knew how to do, something I could figure out," Glenn said, remembering the extra money he made as a youngster tending yards.

That started his business, which he said involves long, but rewarding, days helping customers make their lawns more attractive.

"At the end of the day, you can look at things you did for people who don't have the time, strength or equipment to keep a lawn up,” Glenn said. “I enjoy doing those little details that people don't realize but still can see the benefit."

Glenn doesn’t mind also digging in the dirt of the spread he has with wife Lauren and their three children.

The Glenns maintain a "plant rescue" greenhouse, a horticultural hospital of sorts for ailing plants that Glenn comes across. They also keep a vegetable garden and board horses in a barn.

When he’s not cutting lawns or taking care of gardens and such, Glenn continues to maintain his musical interest working with a worship team at Life Fellowship Church in Southaven.

For more information, call 901-493-3806 or email Search Frankie’s Lawn and Landscape LLC to see several “before and after” images of work Glenn’s firm has done in DeSoto County.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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