Krystle Holliday

Krystle Holliday is the Clinic Director for the new Olive Branch RedMed Urgent Clinic that opened in October.

Some of life’s bumps and bruises need not require an emergency room or hospital visit, and that is where the growth of minor medical centers and urgent care clinics have occurred.

Olive Branch can add another option to the list of such clinics with the Oct. 14 opening of a new RedMed Urgent Clinic at 6674 Goodman Road.

Krystle Holliday is Clinic Director of the Olive Branch location, the second of nine such locations in DeSoto County after Hernando. Others are located in Batesville, New Albany, Oxford, Pontotoc and Senatobia in Mississippi, and Arlington and Atoka, Tennessee.

“I live here, so I am part of the community,” Holliday said. “We’re active in sports and the Olive Branch YMCA so we have our local connections. My family will represent the RedMed family in the community.”

In the stressful situations of injury or illness, Holliday wants her patients coming in feeling like they’re as close to home as possible.

“When we set up our clinic, we try to make it have a calming home-type feeling, more so than an office feeling that way,” Holliday said. “The patient is not feeling like they’re walking into a doctor’s office. They’re walking into something they’re comfortable with. You’re in and out quick, but you don't feel like you’re just a number.”

Among the areas RedMed clinics become an alternative for medical needs are in cough, cold and sinus areas, illness and infections, physicals and wellness care, injuries and pain treatment. RedMed also offers an on-site lab and X-rays, and flu shots and vaccines. Holliday feels RedMed and other urgent care clinics can be a complement to other medical facilities.

“They’re managing a lot of chronic issues, so when you get into a primary care clinic for a cold or when you think you have a broken foot, it might be a little complicated,” Holliday said. “We mainly want people to know that we’re here when you can’t get into your primary care clinic. We don’t want to compete with them, but we want to complement them and take the overflow.”

Holliday focused on a medical career and said watching her parents deal with health problems as she grew up led her toward a passion to care for people.

“I feel like I’ve grown up in medical offices,” said Holliday. “My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was in high school and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I was in college, my dad ended up with lung cancer. It felt like the medical field was where I needed to go.”

After looking at different options, Holliday decided to go into nursing, “because in nursing school you really learn how to care for your patients,” she said. “Not that medical doctors don’t, but nurses learn a little bit more about how to connect with patients.”

Expect to see RedMed involved in local events, Holliday said.

“I like to be at the festivals, like in Old Towne,” Holliday said. “We’ll be at different festivals and football games where we can. We’re promoting what the community is interested in.”

Hours of the Olive Branch RedMed Urgent Clinic are from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday and from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday. The clinic closes for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Learn more about the Olive Branch RedMed Clinic by phone at 662-985-7806 or online at

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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