Mary Everett

Mary Everett is the secretary-treasurer of Pickett Equipment Company, which her husband Bill purchased in 1977. The company has built a national and global following.

Mary Everett, co-owner of Pickett Equipment Company, said the company has carved out a name for itself as one of the most reliable chemical handling equipment companies in the Mid-South.

Pickett Equipment Company, located off Summit Cove in Olive Branch, is a trusted name in equipment used the chemical handling and agricultural application business.

Pickett Equipment Co. is an agriculture manufacturer and distributor of spray equipment and chemical handling systems.

Specializing in aerial application, pulp and paper handling and fertilizer equipment, the company was established in 1977.

Located in Olive Branch, Pickett Equipment is the "go-to" equipment company for agricultural pilots.

"We are here to supply you with quality equipment to keep your business strong and profitable," said Everett, who is the company's secretary-treasurer.

Everett said Pickett Equipment is a family-owned company that built is reputation on providing quality service and equipment.

"My husband Bill bought the company in 1977," Everett said, recounting the company's success story. "They sold mainly to fertilizer companies at that time. We've evolved sine then. As a chemical equipment handling company most of customers today are ag pilots."

While the company's clientele are seasonal, orders are often placed months ahead of time in order to make sure crop duster pilots and agricultural spraying operations can meet internal deadlines.

Sometimes during the early planting season and as crops need application of chemicals, the days can be long.

Everett said the company has remained flexible to meet the needs of their workforce.

"We're a good company to work for," Everett said. "We have a secretary who works for us who is 90 years old. Our employees tend to stay with us for a long time."

Everett said the company has gained a national following among clients.

From fueling equipment to spraying equipment, nozzles and other needed apparatus, Pickett Equipment is on the vanguard of the agricultural and chemical handling equipment industry.

"We send out equipment all over the United States," Everett said. "Our claim to fame is if you are in the air you need us on the ground."

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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