Governor Tate Reeves

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves speaks to Olive Branch officials and Voyant Beauty employees about the future expansion of the beauty plant in the city. The expansion will create 80 new jobs as well as retain the 57 current ones. 

Governor Tate Reeves dropped by an Olive Branch beauty products manufacturer to celebrate the company’s new $13.7 million expansion that will create 80 new jobs and retain 57 existing jobs. 

Voyant Beauty announced on Wednesday that it will be adding a new liquid compounding and filling line for personal care and Hotel Cosmetics liquid. 

The facility, located next to the Olive Branch airport, currently manufactures soap bars for the company’s Hotel Cosmetics business. 

Reeves said that Voyant Beauty’s expansion is a shining example of how Mississippi and DeSoto County can not only compete in, but win the economic development game. 

“That’s 80 Mississippians who will be working right here at home,” Reeves said. “That’s 80 Mississippians who will not need to move away or look for work in some other state. That’s 80 Mississippians who will continue to help us make Mississippi a leader in job creation.” 

Over $463 million in new investment and almost 2,000 new jobs have been created in DeSoto County since Reeves has been in office. 

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for building improvements and equipment relocation. 

Voyant Beauty CEO Richard McEvoy said the expansion is a historic occasion and an exciting day for Olive Branch. He said the company’s Olive Branch facility is one of the stars of the growing Voyant network. 

“One of the main reasons for that growth, and there’s several of them, is the spirit of our employees and the workplace culture that we have,” McEvoy said. “This plant is one of the best-run plants we’ve got in our network out of 14, so it truly deserves the expansion.”

Olive Branch Mayor Ken Adams said he’s excited that Voyant Beauty is increasing their operation and presence in the city. 

“This investment signifies the ongoing confidence of the business community in Olive Branch’s business friendly atmosphere and proven labor market,” Adams said. “We look forward to partnering with them for continued success.” 

Voyant Beauty expects to complete the expansion and fill the 80 jobs by 2023. 

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