Scotty's Smokehouse

From left, Scotty’s Smokehouse Catering owners Scott and Niki Miller, and their staff, are ready to serve area corporate events, weddings, fundraisers, and parties.

Scotty's Smokehouse Catering Co., LLC

Scott & Niki Miller, owners

1. During the Shelter In Place order, what changes did you implement to remain open and continue to serve customers?

We had to adjust to preparing individual packages instead of bulk serving. We also provided a contactless curbside pick up for orders.

2. How has this pandemic affected your industry, business, and/or personal day to day routines as it relates to your company?

Unfortunately, we have lost all our bookings since mid-March and we hope to restart our wedding season by the end of June.

3. Should a second wave of COVID-19 surface this fall/winter, do you have in place a contingency plan to prepare for it?

We will be working on that soon.

4. Anything else we should know as it pertains to your business? For example, the impacts this has taken on you personally, your employees, and/or customers?

We all have suffered in many ways and nothing can compare to the loss of so many loved ones. We also feel for our brides and grooms. They have spent months, some years, planning their big day with friends and family, and now they are having to reschedule with the fear of limited guests due to social distancing. We are blessed to have a crew of approximately 10 hard-working adult staff that are so caring and proud to be a part of Scotty's. We are thankful all have full-time jobs but work so hard for us on their off days and weekends. We can't wait to get our crew back together again.

5. Have there been any positive takeaways during this crisis professionally, in your business, your community, and/or personal life?

We were overwhelmed at the response we got from our previous customers and neighbors to our curbside pick up orders. DeSoto County supports its small businesses, for sure.

6. How many years have you owned and operated your business?

This September, we will have been in business for 12 years.

7. What inspired you to open Scotty's Smokehouse?

When I was young, grilling and smoking turkeys with my dad at Thanksgiving. My wife and I have always enjoyed cooking for family and friends.

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