Gateway Tire

Jonathan Foster (left) is the manager of the Olive Branch location for Gateway Tire. Foster is joined by associates Stan Lawson and Don Coker.

COVID-19 Local Business Spotlight

Gateway Tire

Jonathan Foster, Olive Branch Manager

1. During the Shelter In Place order, what changes did you implement in your day-to-day operations?

Day-to-day operations have been altered. We now offer curbside service, which allows customers who choose to remain in their vehicles by simply calling the store upon arrival, getting a place in line until time for service, and if possible remain in the vehicle for certain repairs. We have also created a barrier at the counter using stacks of tires as a buffer for the six-foot social distancing recommendation per CDC guidelines.

2. Were these changes implemented company-wide in other locations or just your store?

Curbside service has been implemented company-wide along with social distancing standards as we carry on day to day operations to meet customer needs in a way that is safe to all.

3. Do you plan to continue with the implemented changes after your city reopens? If so, which ones will you continue with an/or new implementations?

At this time we will continue social distancing and offer curbside services as long as recommended by CDC requirements.

4. How has this pandemic affected your industry, business, and/or personal day to day routines as it relates to your company?
- Did you have to let any employees go and/or furlough because of the crisis? How many?

At this time we have been very fortunate not to have furloughs.

- If yes, will you rehire employees once your city is reopened? How many? - Did you see a percentage of the revenue drop, increase, or stay the same during the crisis?

We, as a company, had a slight decrease in sales during the first few weeks but we used this time positively to clean and disinfect per CDC guidelines and implement curbside service.

5. Should a second wave of COVID-19 surface this fall/winter, do you have in place a contingency plan to prepare for it? - If so, please share the specifics on how or what you will do.

We are prepared as a company to take any necessary precautions the CDC puts in place should a second wave COVID-19 occur.

6. Anything else we should know as it pertains to your business? For example, The impacts this has taken on you personally, your employees, and/or customers?

The shelter in place order has caused a strain on some employees and their families as they had to take extra precautions and provide child care as we are essential and were allowed to remain open during these unprecedented times. Gateway Tire has taken this on a case by case basis and arranged shifts to accommodate employees while also considering our workload.

7. Have there been any positive takeaways during this crisis professionally, in your business, your community, and/or personal life?

This shelter in place order has been an eye-opener for the community as I have witnessed our company as well as the community taking extra steps in practicing extra sanitary precautions for the health and well-being of all.

Gateway Tire