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Hernando Flower Shop is serving its customers through the coronavirus pandemic from its location on Commerce Street in Hernando. 

Hernando Flower Shop (Hernando), Angie Tacker, business owner

1. If your company was considered an essential business, did you stay open in the last month during the Shelter In Place order?

We were able to stay open because of our drive-thru window, curbside service and touch-free delivery. We did shorten our hours but forwarded our phone to our after-hours number so that we could continue to take calls. Also our website, hernandoflowershop.com is always available 24 hours a day.

2. If you remained open, what additional changes if any, did you make in your company in addition to the statewide and local government restrictions? For example, new requirements for employees to wear masks, gloves, additional sanitation procedures, hours of operation, takeout, delivery, curbside pickup. etc?

We followed the guidelines set forth by public health experts and closed our showroom unless an appointment was made and the clients were screened before being allowed to enter our location. Gloves and masks are available on a limited basis to employees. Our business hours have been reduced due to the business slow down.

3. Do you plan to continue the changes implemented during the crisis once the government deems it safe for your type of business to reopen?

We do have clients in the store now on a limited basis. We will offer a hand sanitizing station at the front door for those that want to shop in the store and practice the six-foot social distance rule. Our curbside service and drive-thru window will remain available as well.

4. How has this pandemic affected your industry, business, and/or personal day to day routines as it relates to your company? Did you have to let any employees go and/or furlough? Did you see a percentage of the revenue drop, increase, or stay the same? Do you plan on rehiring employees that were let go once you’re able to operate again at 100 percent?

We are fortunate that we have not had to let anyone go. We have seen a decrease in revenue, the majority of this is attributed to the cancellation of proms in the area.

5. Should a second wave of COVID-19 surface this fall/winter, do you have in place a contingency plan to prepare for it?

After much research during my own quarantine, I have contingency plans for most all business disruption.

6. Anything else we should know as it pertains to your business? For example, the impacts this has taken on you personally, your employees, and/or customers?

Several clients have expressed to us how much they appreciate us being here and being able to deliver flowers for them when they can not see their loved one. Flowers deliver feelings and we are honored that our customers trust us to deliver those feelings.