AC's SteakHouse & Pub owners Aaron Hahn and Cindy Borkowski have saved a seat just for you on their outside patio or inside the spacious, cool dining room. The restaurant now has two locations, in Hernando and Southaven.

Robert Long|DTT

AC's Steakhouse & Pub, now with two locations in Hernando and Southaven to serve its satisfied customers, is updating its menu but preserving the favorite items that have helped owners Aaron Hahn and Cindy Borkowski put their stamp on serving the finest choice steak and other delicacies in the Mid-South.

AC's Steakhouse & Pub, which consistently receives grade-A comments from customers across the Mid-South, opened its doors in November of 2013. The business opened its second location, at Goodman Road East and Malone Road in Southaven, in the spring of 2016.

"Here in Southaven, its (clientele) is much more transient," said Hahn, who, along with Borkowski, has an extensive background in the culinary arts and restaurant management. "We get a lot of new faces every day."

On the historic Hernando Square, the clientele is much more of a consistent crowd of courthouse employees and a mix of tourists and regular customers.

The same, fresh ingredients and quality cuts of steak adorn every tantalizing plate in both places, according to Hahn and Borkowski.

"I think it's our consistency and the quality of our products more than anything else," said Borkowski, a New Jersey native who hails from a casino management background. "The customer knows what they are going to get when they come in through the doors. They know we care about the product that we put out, our customers and the community. We've worked extra hard to ensure they know that."

Hahn said customers in both locations are in for a special night out or an enjoyable brunch or dinner when they come to AC's Steakhouse & Pub.

It's the food and friendly service that keeps bringing them in through the door.

"Everything is fresh," said Hahn, who is from Las Vegas and grew up in Michigan. "We buy fresh products. We're not buying processed food. We're also foodies. We know good quality food. And we're family. We want you to feel like family when you dine with us."

Borkowski agreed. "We like to talk to every table," said Borkowski. "We'll get people who have family that comes to visit them and they come in every year. They make the effort to come back in, time and time again."

Hahn said in addition to keeping the menu fresh, the chefs at AC's Steakhouse spice up the menu with what is known as "Chef's Playground," in which newer menu items are introduced.

An updated menu, which will still include many, if not all of the restaurant's favorite items and customer favorites, will be introduced in mid-August.

It's that special flair that excites both Hahn and Borkowski.

"We don't have cooks, we have chefs — our food is good and it's high quality," Hahn said. "We like to play with things a little bit in the kitchen. Food is our passion. We have more than 100 years of experience in our kitchen."

Hahn said what makes AC's Steakhouse stand out is that a couple can dine out and enjoy a great steak at an affordable price.

"Our filet is $30 and anywhere else it's $50," said Hahn. "Only a handful of restaurants in the area purchase the food and ingredients that we buy and sell. You can go into some restaurants and you'll see shelves lined with microwaves. We have one, which we use for kid's macaroni and cheese. We have the creamy adult macaroni and cheese but we try and please kids as well as adults. It's all about building that relationship with the customer."

"You build it for them (the customer)," Hahn said. "We take pride in what our customers want. We always try to solicit good, honest feedback."

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at rlong@desototimestribune or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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