Beth Kolb

Beth Kolb has been named the new executive director of Trinity Health Center.

Kold took over the reins on May 15 and previously served as staff member of Compel Church (formerly Life Fellowship Church) in multiple roles. Prior to her role in full-time ministry at Compel,  Kolb worked as a registered nurse.

Trinity Health Care, located at 6935 Windchase Dr. in Horn Lake, provides, high-quality, faith-based primary healthcare to the working uninsured and underserved in DeSoto County. Trinity works collaboratively with  public and private partners in he area to provide primary healthcare services and promote wellness for the uninsured. The center includes six clinic rooms, lab, integer room, and patient and counseling space.

Kola said she is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve in her new roll and which combines her two passions - medicine and ministry.

“Lack of insurance should not equal lack of quality healthcare,” Kolb said. “At Trinity, we get the opportunity to provide a first-class healthcare experience for those who are working and unable to obtain health insurance. I am honored to work with this amazing team every day.”

Old said awareness and advocacy is at the top of the list for the team at Trinity Health. 

“We are working to get the word out to the working uninsured of Desoto County that we are here and excited to become their primary healthcare provider,” Kolb said. “We are creating great partnerships with other medical facilities, businesses and churches and look forward to partnering with more. We are a clinic that has no government funding and is 100% funded by donations. Local churches and individuals have given generously to launch Trinity Health Center. We believe that there are more in this community who are ready to invest in the mission and vision of Trinity Health Center.”

According to the US Census Bureau’s 2016 Population Survey, 20% of Mississippians were without any form of health insurance.  DeSoto County’s uninsured rate is roughly 17% (29,750). Out-of-pocket costs associated with health care deductibles, copays, prescriptions, and other costs inhibit residents from accessing care when they need it. Nineteen percent (33,250) of adults in DeSoto County consider cost a barrier to accessing care and acknowledge that they have not received care because they could not afford it. Trinity Health Center is working to become the medical home for many of these individuals.

The lack of available and affordable primary care access in the existing healthcare safety-net is driving the work of Trinity Health Center. With almost 30,000 identified uninsured residents, DeSoto County is benefiting from a comprehensive health clinic designed to serve those falling through the cracks of our healthcare system.

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